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Strava is a new website that is making it easy to compare rides with other cyclists. Upload your garmin data to Strava and it works out your time for specific road segments and compares it to other people who have done the same segment.

From the website: “Upload your activity data from your GPS unit (Garmin, iPhone or Android). Strava will automatically log and organize your data, giving you a complete overview of your training.”

I have created several climbs/sprints that we regularly for the Twickenham Cycling Club use, including our annual hill climb. This enables us as individuals to chart our progress on the same climbs/sprints throughout the year and also enables us to compare ourselves against other club members and members of the public.

Interestingly on the hill climb, it works out your time and creates a leader board. It worked mine out to within a second of the official time. I am encouraging use of Strava at the club to see how effective it is.

Hill Climb:

Egham Hill:
Sat Sprint
Sat Ride:

This could be a useful tool to help long term training, to asses your progress as well as keep track of what other riders are doing within the club. Not to mention some serious competition, for those riders that want to have a go at some of the segments!


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