These are the companies I have been a founder partner in:

Cloud Knowledge Base is now an authorised Microsoft Cloud, Google Apps partner and an IBM Partner World Member.

Our goal is to take companies into the future with Cloud Marketing, Cloud Computing and Social Media; thinking outside the box.

Cycling Pulse is a technology company created by cyclists with professional backgrounds in IT, PR, Marketing and branding. Cycling Pulse is currently providing IT services for organisations in addition to owning two brands,  Bike Shepherd and Ride Campus. Cycling Pulse specialises in Cloud Computing and Social Media.


Bike Shepherd is a non-profit, technology provider in the mobile security sector. The web platform and site offers free global bike registration, global search database, stolen bike listings and free stolen bike alerts, delivered at a local level using geo-tagging technology. Its mission: to register bikes in an effort to deter and reduce the $3 billion global bike theft trade.

Bike Shepherd Insurance, is a better way to insure and protect your bike. We believe that cyclists who take the necessary steps to protect their bikes should be rewarded with better insurance products and premiums.

The insurance package was designed specifically for cyclists. It’s a system of integrated services and products – global registration, linked to scannable tags and combined with affordable insurance for the discerning bicycle owner. This package will be available early 2012.

Bike Shepherd is currently in the US, UK and Canada, and the company has licensed its platform in Australia, NZ and Singapore. Plans are underway to expand to other European countries through partnerships and white-label license agreements.

Pulse ID tags act as a theft-deterrent. Bicycle thieves and their handlers are reluctant to deal in trackable and traceable goods. Efforts to remove the tags can damage the bike and leaves evidence the bike has been tampered with.

Ride Campus is a recurring, fee-for-use model offering campus/city environments an admin-free package of bike registration, data analysis, journey tracking, education and validation/enforcement on web and mobile platforms.

Campuses are requiring students to register their bike in order to bring it on campus and also pay a fee to park their bike at designated bike racks. Any student without validated fees or parked outside of these areas has his bike confiscated and pays a fine.